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Black Moon - The fever



"Baby, here I am"

It's a total eclipse, alone with this track

Once the, moon turns black, the shit is a wrap

Step back, and give this legend some space

So I can, set the pace, I'm not playin' with the case

Call me the, hungry piranha, spit it like the llama

Fifty calibur, ride the road like no tomorrow

I gotta, deliver it hotter, and hotter

Wicked like Chaka, who dealt hot? Lick you a shotgun

Nigga, I top gun, number one question that's asked

Who gonna stop son, nah, nigga, not one

Slaughter the daily order, leave you wetter than water

Rest in peace to my nigga Headquarterz

And big Rah Rah, AVK Crew thick to the sky

All dangerous, all on the front line

Heads up, ears and eyes open

I'ma wolverine with a guillotine, wicked when I stroke it

I do it for the family, the struggle of life

Bought out the hell and the man in me

Being on top of my greatness, is where I plan to be

This is serious business, no time for fantasy

It's 5, BDI Thug and Evil Dee

Duck Down, cuz we buckin' the shot at this industry




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