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Bon Jovi - Its Just Me



You know your favorite old pair of shoes
The ones with the hole in the toe you won't lose
Your favorite record that's all scratched and used
But still you love to play when your feeling blue

That faded rose that's all dried out
Those Bukowski poems we couldn't live without
Your high school picture when you had wild hair
That stormy day on the beach that got us here

Oh, you better believe there's just one thing you need
Can't you see...

It's just me baby
It's just me baby
If there's just one thing that you should keep
In your book of dreams
It's just me baby

Just like a shadow 10 feet tall
Standing right behind you should you fall
I'll be the one to hold you up to walk
When this wicked world makes us want to crawl

And if your waves should ever break at sea
I'll be there waiting, I'm that sandy beach
I'm that same old dog, scratching those same fleas
I'll be by your side, you can count on me


It's just me baby
What's it gonna take to make you see
What's it gonna take 'til you believe in me

Oh, how my smile fades and my heart just breaks
Every time you go away


It's just me baby
What's it gonna take to make you see
What's it gonna take 'til you believe in me

And if someday some new memory comes along
Looking shiny new, feeling really strong
You can tell him that I'll tell him
He can just move on
I'm a fighter - I've been fighting for you all night long
It's just me baby




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