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Brooke allison - I miss you



I think of you, you're half a world away

I close my eyes, wishing you could have stayed

We fade now I'm left, with an emptiness I can't stand

There's an old piece of me, I know will never mend

I miss you so bad tonight

You were the one

Who loved me and held me and tried

In every way, I miss you¡­so bad tonight

Where do I go, when I am so alone?

Who will touch my hair, and take this pain away?

I don't want to talk; I just want someone who knows me

But that's you, and you're gone

When you were here, I just couldn't see¡­

That I Miss you so bad tonight

I still hope that, there's a chance

For you and I, somewhere¡­someday

These are the things I've wanted to say

But how could I, when I sent you away?

I miss you so bad tonight

You were the one

Who loved me and saved me and tried

In every way, I miss you so bad tonight

Tonight, tonight




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