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Byz - Do You Wanna Fuck



[Chorus] :

Do you wanna fuck?

Yes I wanna do

I wanna put my dick in you

I wanna make you scream my name

It is a game, we both know

Do you wanna fuck?

Yes I wanna do

do some nasty things with you

I will make you moan

And it's more like porn

And you know I don't stop

[Vers 1] :

I can't control it , I'm goin' lose it , I lose it now

My dick is ready

I must juice it

Hold it steady, I am shakin' like a motha'fucker every time I'm with you

And I know that's our future , Coz' I can see it in you.. That you want me

You wanna get in my pants

You wanna rip my clothes of and touch my body with your hands

Our plans for fields, here's a chance for real,

give me a sign let me know dirty girl how you feel

Such a feel to the fullest, shootin' sperms in bullets

I wanna grab your jeans now and pull it

Down on the ground n' see that sexy ass

Those panties girl I know that our sex will last(a long time)

Be around, for a couple hours

On the table, in the bed, on the floor, in the showers

Watch the water round down your backside(ssss)

Spank that ass, put it in, let's go for a hell of a ride

And then she ask me


[Vers 2] :

We have kissin' , tongue kissin'

Nothings missin'

I touch your pussy

You are moaning n' I wishin'

That I rip your panties off on the bed, in the room

That I'm acting real though and feel my head with your perfume

(Boom Flav) Girl tell me how, Human is to make me feel so horny and hot now

Allow me to satisfy you and your fantasy

Is it anything that you want nice if you Imagine me

What you want ? How you want it ? What to like?

I would take you to heaven in our bed room fight

Is it a first class flight, we taking off to night

And we ain't landing until we see that sunshine light

Is aight if you want me to slow me down (What the fuck? )

But I wanna be that pussy up and down all around

Make them sounds

That will disturb my neighboors

But fuck that shit they'll know Byz the pussy Xavier

And then she ask me



I know that you want it girl

I know that you like it girl

I know that you need it girl

I know you love it girl







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