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Changing faces - Lovin' ya boy



lyrics Transcribed by Leonie's Team Member - Ghettofabulous98

There's no need

There's no need to worry

I'm here for you

1 - Lovin' ya boy there's nothin' else I'm gonna tell ya

Lovin' ya boy that's all I have to say

Lovin' ya boy there's nothin' else I'm gonna tell ya

And my love is here to stay (to stay)

There's no need for you to hurry (take your time) whoa

Cause I trust and I know what you want is me

A love like this ain't easy to come by

So let's hold on to it

And cherish our days together

Listen to me...

Repeat 1

See like I told ya before

And I will say it again

When things are good

They only get better my friend

My lover, my confidant, my all-around man

So let's hold on to it

And this love will last forever

Listen to me

2 - You're the one

Baby can't you see

You're love to me just means everything to me

And it's amazing that you're all I mine

And I know now or forever

I'll never let you go

Repeat 1

Lovin' ya boy

There's nothing I won't do for you baby

Lovin' ya boy

I'm loving you and only you

Lovin' ya boy


Lovin' ya boy

Repeat 2

Repeat 1 till end




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