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Children Of Bodom - Tie My Rope





Did everyone that we charmed how

bout you check the rim of life

Pain that nothings gonna be down

Where you walk the rocky road

The way that you won?t touch

yourself, motherfucking dream!

Your mother is old but knows

how it?s a brick to brick


My life?s a roadmap of pain

Oh, Yeah!

My life?s a lot full of shame

Tie my rope,

one more time!

Did every bit I know destroy

you last night

I never thought I broke my

greatest toy in another fight!

Looking for my hair that will pop

me tomorrow, why am I looking,

oh why?

Because that?s good you?re a

real bowman, brick of brick


My life?s a roadmap of pain

That?s right!

My life?s a lot full of shame

Tie my rope!

Tell me why,

so I can quietly bitch and moan

To this light,

that I?m not going down!

Hanging by,

the rope you tie for me!

Lift me up,

while I?m still alive!




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