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Ciara - 1, 2 step f. missy elliott



[Jazze Pha]

Ladies and Gentlemen

this is a Jazze Phizzle Productshizzle

"Missy" The princess is here "Ciara"

[verse 1]

This beat is

automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh

Work my body, so melodic, this beat rolls through my chest

everbody, ma, and papi, came to party

grab somebody, work ya body, work ya body

let me see you 1, 2 step

Rock it, don't stop it

Everybody get on the floor

Crank the party up

We about to get it on

Let me see you 1, 2 step

I love it when you 1, 2 step

Everybody 1, 2 step

We about to get it on

[Verse 2]

This beat is

Outrageous, so contagious, make you crave it

Jazze made it

So retarded, top charted, ever since the day I started

Strut my stuff and yes I flaunt it

Goodies make the boys jump on it

No I can't control myself

Now let me do my 1, 2 step

We gon drop it like this

[Hook - 2X]

It don't matter to me, we can dance slow

Whichever way the beat drops our bodies will flow

So swing it over here Mr. DJ

And we will, we will rock you

I shake it like Jello, make the boys say hello

Cause they know I'm rockin the beat

I know you heard about alot of MC's

But they ain't got nothing on me

Beacuse I'm 5 foot 2, I wanna dance with you

And I'm sophisticated fun, I eat filet mignon

I'm nice and young, best believe I'm number one

This is for the hearing impared

A Jazze Pha Production




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