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Clint Black - A mind to



Now I'm not talking tough, telling the truth ought to be enough

I've had my share on the darker side

Sitting and starring at a TV screen, racking my brain over all the things

If I'd just been there I could have tried

Things to do I can't help but think of more

I could fill my life wothout ever leaving home

I could see the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World

And even build a few more of my own (If I had a mind to)

Quit my job never mind the pay, maybe go figure out the CIA

Chase the paper and pass the bar, show Iacocca how to build a car

Jump up and run a three minute mile, sit around and watch my baby smile

That's what I might do , if I had a mind to

No, I don't wanna blow my horn, no telling how many souls I've worn

And what kind of shoes, when I had shoes

I'm still losing a bridge or two, but the troubled water's gonna run on


You can't always win, but you can always lose

But I don't turn my head for things that pass me by

And I'm gonna have a look around

I could gather all the diamonds in the sky

Hold every one and never leave the ground, If I had a mind to

Fly through the eye of a hurricane, freeze my body like David Blaine

Be the first to find life on Mars, go up and sell a few candy bars

Climb a rainbow and kiss the sun, walk on the moon when the day is done

That's what I might do, If I had a mind to

Somewhere someone's doing everything I've said

I don't have to do anything, I could do it in my head

If I had mind to

Sail away and be Jacques Cousteau, or the Crocodile hunter on a TV show

Be the king of the one night stand, front the Coral Reefer Band

Ski Colorado where there ain't no snow, plant a tree and watch it grow

That what I might do

Go out and buy me a suit and tie, go to work everyday and be a regular guy

Smoking big cigars all day, be the President of the USA

Get a tattoo and bleach my hair, open a window and breathe the air

That's what I might do, if I had a mind to




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