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Crime Mob - If you gonna try



[Verse 1]


We gon bury ya, cause Lil Jay gon bust a bi***

Comin wit a monster click, Allenwood off in this sh**

Step and get yo ass kicked, bust a bi*** wit the Beretta

Suckaz wanna playa hate, but my niggaz know me betta

I'ma shoot at ya sweater neva underestimate

And my crew got Berettas so don't neva hesitate

If you knew that we was betta then you would neva try to hate

We can take it there wheneva let me f***in demonstate

Any day, any night, we won't leave without a fight

M.O.B. we play no games and swang on niggaz we don't like

So you know we bout that action and don't neva think you bad

We be deep off in these street and we gon beat yo stupid ass

[Verse 2]


If you gon try me, you'll get yo ass kicked

Step to MIG or Princess I blast bi***

Nigga dis sh** goin down we gonna get clicked up

If you f*** up my knuckin my thug mane I'll fist up

You gon get yo sh** stuck

I'ma laugh in yo face cause I really don't give a f***

You testin my thong boy

if you try me deny me I'm throwin my chrome toy

You talkin that sh** I'm slappin you quick

you a bi***, you neva my homeboy

I'm tellin you nicely, you front wit it

still gonna pay up the price chick

A person you might been, I'm still gonna knock yo ass out if you try me

[Chorus 2X]

If you gon try me, you'll get yo ass kicked

If you gon try me, you'll get yo ass kicked

If you gon try me, you'll get yo ass kicked

You'll get yo ass kicked, you'll get yo ass kicked

[Verse 3]

You think you bout it you can't be, fist into yo nose and teeth

Everybody in dis muthaf***a gon lend a hand to me

Hit 'em just like its suppose to be, it was all about the dollars

MIG be in dis pimpin, and this time I pop my collar

I don't care my niggaz follow, in my eyes I see yo doom

The expresion on yo face, when we clear this f***in room

Like a boom and thats a fact, I be diesel call me Shaq

Like studios I'm gon act up and put my d*** on the track

bi*** get the f*** back wanna act lke yo tough

Caught me buckin wit the click and got ya sh** f***ed up

Niggaz thinkin that they tough, in the club like they bout it

Allenwood muthaf***a let me show you somethin bout it nigga

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 4]

I'm back to get buck, it's a must that I erupt

I see these niggaz think I lost it but I neva gave a f***

I'm still the same ain't too much changed but the time that I lost

I had some brushes wit the law, so I had to pay the cost

But it's ok I'll shake it off, it's M.O.B. off in my blood

Talkin sh** you get f***ed up, you'll get drug through the mud

M.O.B. is too damn buck, so it's a must that you think wisely

Bustin heads off in the club, if a p**** nigga try me.

[Chorus 2X]

Aye [repeat until the end]




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