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Daz Dillinger - My mama said...



My mama tell me all the time I'm a be something

I'm still a nigga till I die, What with heat bustin

They'll never take me alive

I'm a survivor makin'something from nothing

My mama told me I'm a be something (And I believe her)

My mama told me I'm a be something

I'm still a nigga till I die, What with heat bustin

They'll never take me alive

I'm a survivor makin'nothing from something

My mama told me I'm a be something (And I believe her)

[Verse 1]

A fist a wall tell my knuckles bleeding

Back over beefs, I'm screaming DOGG POUND GANGSTA

I'm fucked up from all the shit I'm drinking

Why I'm so deep, I remember I was a sack of semen

Know I'm 31, living the life that most niggas be dreamin

A nigga gotta hustle, stuck on what I believe in

Never take a punch and think that we even

Cuz the type of shit I'm on, it's some get back

Cuz I won't get it,

Long as I'm breathin I'll think that's a good enough reason

I asks my mom all the time why god made it so hard?

For a nigga to make a living from breaking a law

I can't wait for six months without takin my job,

Back on my rear, they pull me over and now they take my car

(Mama Said that I'd be something) And I believe her

When my album hit the streets I'm strapped with four heaters

And I clutch peers, my heaters don't move for nothin

I'm tuckin, I'm clutchin, I'm bustin niggas who know me

[Verse 2]

I'm a survivor, I'm like the Eskimo in the North Pole

My blood line can adapt to the cold

You can lock me, the jail closed

I close my eyes and visualize in my mind and think I was home

I've been preached to all my life, I can think on my own

Cuz my mind's deep into their minds, so leave it alone

I'm entrapted with slurs and dread lines, runnin deep through my soul

Who knows? sometimes I made peace with my foes

I've been so deep into thought, that I bleed from my nose

I walk the streets with the heat, blastin pebbles and stones

I shed a bloody tear, for my thugs on top and bottom tier

In the streets motherfucker who should I fear?

My heart is beatin, I'm breathin, dealin, with viscous heathen

Im off the leash, and the pizza nigga stop me from eatin

Lessons are being learned, I'm wide awake, I feel like I'm dreamin

Chapow motherfucker! I think we even

[Verse 3]

Keep my head above the water, let me talk to my lawyer

Facing cases of perpetration with a white mask on my face like Jason

Patiently waitin for this women and this women said there's no where to turn

So I smoke and I drink gin

For the judge that sentence me, nigga fuck you

Your the reason why my niggas turn to thugs too

Your the reason why my race in jail, with nothin to run to

Your the reason why we payin' our guns too

Ugh, increase the smoke, and pull the liquor,

All the earth visualize what it's worth

I walk the streets fly cousin, ridin' to die cousin

My nine will determine if I die, run and die, gunnin

Never seen death cousin? Your fuckin niggas bluffin

I park around with a nine shell in my stomach

Always do to die, be something, you know I keep bustin

with D-A-Z motherfucker




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