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Deep Purple - Black & White



read all about it tell me

have you heard the news

captain bob he don't pay no dues

you know he's looking in my window

he's stepping on my toes

don't want the truth and it goes to show

i got a joker up my sleeve

i know what to believe

it ain't right just because it's in black and


find yourself a hero

treat him like a friend

you build him up and tear him down again

it don't hold a candle hold it to the light

check it out is it wrong or right

is this the news of the world

it's just a pretty girl

she's all the news that's fit to print in

black and white

inside information taken down note by note

a silent footstep that's all she wrote

shit that's all she wrote

no need to worry the baby's gone to bed

dreaming dirty dreams in black and white

and read

now i got nothing to fear

is this the scoop of the year

headlines on my bathroom wall

in black and white




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