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Iskanje: do heaven

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Modern Talking - Send Me A Letter From Heaven
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Hell Or Heaven
The Kelly Family - Stars Fall From Heaven
Iron Maiden - Heaven Can Wait
Alan Jackson - I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You
Gorillaz - Don't Get Lost In Heaven
Nightwish - Meadows Of Heaven
Jessica Simpson - Breath of heaven (mary's song)
Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven
Lionel Richi - The Closest Thing To Heaven
Lighthouse Family - Lost In Space
From Under The Cork Tree - 7 Minutes In Heaven (atavan Halen)
Frank Zappa - Hot plate heaven at the green hotel
Lighthouse Family - Question Of Faith
The Verve - Make It Till Monday
Lighthouse Family - Once In A Blue Moon
Fall Out Boy - 7 Minutes In Heaven (atavan Halen)
Meat Loaf - Good Girls Go To Heaven (bad Girls Go Everywhere)


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