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Do or die - Higher f. kanye west



Me and you, babygirl, is like best friends

Let me hit you when I get the notion

On I-55, you and I, let's ride, hittin' on potion

Some say she's flicky-flicky

Lemme kiss yo' little 'neeta

I'm bending through the backs and curves

Inhale, exhale the herb

Let me open up your mind to this concept

Hit this, 'B, and take one step

If you listen to the words from a wordsmith

As the herb shift

To the curb while my 22" spins

In my baby-blue Benz

Girls say, "That boy is acting up, but

that's the way he is."

You lookin' good when you steppin' out a centerfold

Tell me - would we, baby? Can I reach a pinnacle?

But ever since I did a dime in this street game

They left a motherfucker cold, and you know it

I'll put you in a beat and I'll blow it

Keep it real with the bitches and I never sugarcoat it

You like tight herb and when I pull up to the curb it's like

When I pull up to the curb it's like

When I'm laying in the back of my 745

With my lips on you

Spittin' good game

Blowin' smoke through the woodgrain

Gettin' brain like a hustlah should

A hustlah would

Chasin' paper to the ? [senators,city dust, silly ducks?]

She said, "I'll run it through my hands and lungs"

What that do?

In the middle of your index and thumb

Baby girl, you just got me sprung

What that do?

Oh yes, she's one of the best

That I've touched in the past tense

Now I'm hurtin'

Lurkin', searchin' for the merchants

Coz I know that baby girl is workin'

To the end of the roach she's smokin'

To the hands to the Ziplock's closin'

It's like Teddy Pendergrass but she wants an autograph

But the sex is closin'

Open back up

Last time

Coz' a little dark off in my mind

She's just like one of a kind

No "C"s, no stayin' behind

This just like top of the line

Perfect, wanna drop in her dime

I'm on a roll again

I'm 'bout to blow again

Babygirl, I can't pretend

Your love got me high - on ten

We mix like juice n' gin

Do or Die - we at it again

Whether you ride in a six or the fin

Shot out to my niggaz in the pen

Tatted up with a few dead friends

Do or Die - we at it again

Babygirl, I can't pretend

Your love got me high - on ten

We mix like juice n' gin

Do or Die - we at it again




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