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Dope - With Or Without You



I'll do my time and I won't argue

A broken glass a portrait of you

I play on keys of barely in tune

Forget the reasons I won't resume

It's not me who wanted fame

I just needed to

I cash my life and lost my ID

Apathy is all I see

Leave the numbers all behind me

You are all I've got inside me

I don't need to be encaged

I just need to rearrange

I can't see you anymore

I can't leave right out the door

After all that we've been through

I can't be with or without you

You finally made it on TV

It's not the way you hoped it'd be

and all the pain of the insanity

was this ever meant to be

And I don't think that I am thee

one that you keep telling me

It's tearing us up

And it's breaking me down

ALL I'll be, I'll be

With or without you




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