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Downset - Keep on breathing



Ya best come correct! Step correct! 818 on the map psychological mand trap.

Step to a fool and I'll bet he's got a gat, Paranoia principle has got us strippin' so, three dot lifestyle has got us

running hell of miles, It's all that we know, it's all that we do, seen and done. So many homicides we thinking it's right

fool, My brothers down to slay me daily cyco sickness within us - damn it's getting rough. I will survive! I will survive

y'all! I must survive! Life on the line I said keep on breathing!

'Ya Best come correct! What's up dog? Don't numb yourself because this is a hell, Wicked one! Wicked one out for

self, Not only in L.A., but it's jumping off worldwide. From L.A. to Belfast to genocide at "wayside." And if killing

my brother means survival then I'll take this bullet with all of the love of my soul. You can call me a punk but I ain't

givin' up. Solid givin' my life see!

Whatever the cost may be? Juice, Coke, Yeska, Heroin, Doses, making fools-snap now I got to live around that!

I will survive! I will survive y'all! I must survive! Life on the line I said keep on breathing!

The worst kind of man kills his brother! God help us!




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