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Duran Duran - Who Do You Think You Are?



I'm giving you the news your domination's through

You gave the best you've got now I'm out on top

If you're in any doubt listen to me I've gotta right to say

If you know what it's all about who do you think you are

Don't wanna be your enemy if I'm not the one you want me to be

And I've gotta do things the way that I do

Always trying to control who do you think you are

Our time on earth is running through (It's not a question of my pride)

Sometimes I bring it again to you (Ever wonder how I feel inside)

And sometimes I play along but man I've gotta mind

You've gotta live with yourself for the rest of your life

Do you understand everybody asks that type of question who do you think you are

Why do you feel ashamed when you can't explain there are things I say to other people

It's just occured to me the possiblity the thought that you might really want to be me




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