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Elisa - Asile's World



When I'm looking for the perfect things
Some fantasies they save me with the grace - it's a precious land
All around me little things are shining like they are one - ( are we sisters?)
When I'm looking for the perfect things
I stand up and put on another face
You're all exploring all you see, you should live everything

Perspiring deeply watching these fears
as big as planets I'm hot.

I'm waking up in a good day
So happy walking into the sun
See you are living
All you are in your eyes, is there an end?
Just gimme some time sister gimme some trust sister.
I really want you see me the way
I am the way
I am the way I am

Perspiring deeply watching these fears
as big as planets I'm hot.

Yellow sun keeps on burning
Wild wise earth keeps on turning.




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