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Ema - Teja Haver - Virtual Girl



I can be your pussy cat and you can play with me,

I can be your nasty girl if that's your fantasy

It's so easy, to fall in love with me.

I can be your midnight dream and I can make you sin,

I can be just anything that you want me to be,

It's not easy, to take your hands of me.

Baby you're playing with virtual girl,

You better watch out 'cause I'm not from this world,

I'll be your peach for eternity,

'Cause you're a slave of virtuality.

You can do me all night long but don't forget to


You can tell me dirty words and that won't bother me,

It's so easy to get along with me

You can be a nobody but that's all right with me,

You can be a millionaire but I won't see,

It's not easy, to find another me.




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