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En Vogue - Don't let go



Oooh, yeah

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Hey, yeah, hey, yeah

1-What's it gonna be?

'Cause I can't pretend

Don't you wanna be more than friends?

Hold me tight and don't let go

Don't let go

You have the right to lose control

Don't let go

I often tell myself

That we could be more than just friends

I know you think that if we move too soon

It would all end

I live in misery when you're not around

And I won't be satisfied

Till we've taken those vows

2-There'll be some lovemaking

Heart breaking, soul shaking

Love ooh aah

Lovemaking, heart breaking

Soul shaking

(repeat 1)

I often fantasize the stars above, oh, a chill

They know my heart and speak to yours

Like only lovers do

If I could wear your clothes

I'd pretend I was you, and lose control

(rpt 2, 1)

Running in and out my life

Has got me so confused

You gotta make the sacrifice

Somebody's gotta chose

We can make it if we try

For the sake of you and I

Together we can make it right

What's it going to be?

Can't keep running in and out of my life

Out of my life

More than friends, oh, oh, oh

Hold me tight and don't let me go

You've got the right

I said you've got the right to lose control

Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Don't break up 'cause I can't take it

(rpt 1)




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