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Faith Evans - Come over



Lyrics Transcribed by Leonie's Team Member - Ghettofabulous98

1 - Won't you come over and make love to me

Cause I haven't seen you in a while

I really miss your smile

Won't you come over and make love to me

Baby I want you

Everytime we're together

I feel a special part of me

Drawing me closer, closer to you baby

I can't explain, its just the magic that we share

Something between us two

Repeat 1

Sitting here in my hotel thinking of nothing

But your face, whoa baby

I try to remember how we used to be

When you used to love me

Love me everyday and oh baby

2 - I don't want to fight you

Just want you to see

That you're are the one

The only one that's for me

Baby let me show you

There's no greater love

Baby I love you for the things you do

And I want you to come over

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Repeat 1




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