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Faith Evans - Ever wonder



[Mario Winans]

Baby, if i just been a little different lately.

But i wanna understand you so much more.

Open the door. anything just tell me.

Open up and say it baby.

[Faith Evans]

Lately, i've been tryin to keep my distance crazy.

It's not what i expected at first

But now i undersatnad you gotta be a man.

And now it so clear to me so you can keep it real with me.

You ever wondered what makes a woman cry

you ever wondered why sometimes you make me cry

you ever wondered what makes a woman smile

its just the little things, you do to make me smile

Maybe, we jumped into this situation to early

But it's something that our bodies can't ignore

Now you want more but i think i'm ready

Just open up and say it baby

Baby,not to mention that you got me feelin' crazy

Everytime you walk through my door

My emotions won't let me say no

And now i'm wonderin' if i could??

[Chorus 1x]

You see i'm feelin' you

You know i'm wantin' to

Put all my trust in you

'cause aint no guarantee

And i'm so glad you do

I feel the same way too

All we gotta do is keep communicating

[Chorus 2x]




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