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Felecia - All good




Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo . . .Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug, and we are Mo Thug,

Mo Thug, Mo Thug.


It's all good. My lovin's all good.


Lately, you've been stressin' me about when I'm a give you some, callin'

me, jockin' me, sweatin' me, gonna rush me none, 'cause when the time is

right I'm gonna let you know, and that's for sure. So wait on me

patiently and see what I got in store, 'cause I'm gonna represent to the

fullest. I'll be there and I promise you no regrets.

Just put your trust in me, and baby, I promise this shit is legit

[legit, legit, legit . . .].



It's all good. My lovin' is, my lovin' is, all good, all good, all

good. You know it's all good, all good, all good.


Yep, yep, yep. It's all G-double O-D, good, good, good. Yep, yep, yep.

It's all G-double O-D, good with me, with me, with me.



If I told you once, then I told you twice. You gotta get to know me.

There's more to a relationship then jumpin' in the sheets, and if that's

all you want, then you better go, 'cause that ain't me. I don't give my

love to just anybody. If I'm not correct, then prove me wrong, and just

hold on. Gradually, you will see, just how good it'll be. When the

time is right, I'll ease your mind with a little bump and grind.

Fantasies full of ecstasy: we'll have a real good time.



Since it's all good, baby, we can get it on. Hey, you wanna ride?

Krayzie Bone. Come and jump in the Benz and tell your friends you will

get with them later. Come and let me take ya. Got a couple things I

wanna show ya. I'm really tryin' to know ya. I'm just curious: is it

really all good? You serious? I'm serious. If it is, then I gotta

jump on it, ride it--ghetto cowboy. Surprise, you thought I was quiet.

I never was shy, baby. Niggas just act like that. Lay back, but don't

let that fool ya, rule ya. Really give that the nigga the bag, 'cause

we won't have time to talk. I've been peepin' for a minute now [Yep,

yep, yep . . .], and I know just where I'm a start. Let me listen to

your heartbeat. Boomp, boomp, racin' in this situation. Is it gettin'

kind of hot in here? Naw, that's you. Temperature's risin', so am I.


(Until Fade)




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