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Flogging Molly - Don't Let Me Die



I walk these streets where my soulless feet

Haunt the ground where it was I once tread

On Grafton's Arcade pours the rich commerce rain

Though the voices I no longer hear speak

Heaven's to blame so on that I'll abstain

Best clean the church from my cracked fingernail

But don't let me die still wondering

What it was I left behind

From God's golden plate begrudgers they eat

Till their belly's burst ignorance bliss

Never they roam a wanderless home

Is as far as their sorry eye sees

Give me a rusty ol' goat wekk trampled and soaked

Until these ashes abd blood mingle deep

But don't let me die still wondering

What it was I left behind

Though I've been that face before

Slammed every open door

Squandered once scattered beliefs

So when the waves come crashin' in

I'll swim as the ocean swims

Out with the morning tide

Then back for my tea

So I'll do as I please like the well-tempered breeze

Blowin' which way I see fit

I'll grey with the clay seven days till the day

When they throw me on the potter's scrap heap

But take my advice; you'll have to bury me twice

Cause the first time I won't rest easily

But don't let die still wondering

What it was I left behind

So don't let die still wondering

What it was I left behind

I want a rach well run ahead of the gun

With a dance before the far finish line

So no life long regrets, only well feathered steps

Until these shoes I can longer shine

But don't let me die still wanderin'

For the love I left behind




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