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Frank Zappa - Promiscuous



The Surgeon General, Doctor Koop

S'posed to give you all the poop

But when he's with P.M.R.C.

The poop he's scoopin'

Amazes me

C-Span showed him, all dressed up

In his phoney Doctor God get-up

He looked in the camera and fixed his specs

'N gave a little lecture

'Bout anal sex

He says it is not good for us

We just can't be promiscuous

He's a docter -- he should know

It's the work of the Devil, so

Girls, don't blow!

Don't blow Jimmy, don't blow Bobby

Get yourself another hobby

(If Jesus practiced medicine

I'm sure he'd do it

Just like him)

Is Doctor Koop a man to trust?

It seems at least that Reagan must

(But Ron's a trusting sort of guy --

He trusts Ed Meese

I wonder why?)

The A.M.A. has just got caught

For doin' stuff it shouldn't ought

All they do is lie and lie

Where's Doctor Koop?

He's standin' by

Surgeon General? What's the deal?

Is your epidemic real?

Are you leaving something out?

Something we can't talk about?

A little green monkey over there

Kills a million people?

That's not fair!

Did it really go that way?

Did you ask the C.I.A.?

Would they take you serious,

Or have THEY been





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