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Fun Lovin Criminals - Come find yourself



Hemlock five caugt me out there later on

It's the girl I told the man, but he swore he'd prove me wrong

Not seeing as I saw it as I gazed at the skyline

Someone dropped me a dime, someone took the time

I'm not a man with a grasp on reality

Kerouac is wack but I'm down with Dostoevsky

Sugar's got my back plus Baretta .380's

One of which I dropped as the man tried to bait me.

Come on, find yourself.

Its you, its always been you, its always been in you.

Now don't get it messed up, they got me all dressed up.

To feed me to the fishes, I use my mojo for the loco

I know the soft machine and its goings ons and I'll be

damned if the man's gonna spill me

You wanna see me go wild and crazy, I'm sorry man but your

threats don't phase me. You covered the ground but you'tr

lazy. Come on contest me.

Come on, find yourself.

Its you, its always been you, its always been in you.




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