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Gone Jackals - Crank it up!



Pipes comin nitrous as I distance my lair,

no drunk bump s raggin can contain this affair.

See, I m sweatin faster than the sky can absorb.

My eyes are buggin like a cesspool frog.

Crank it up!

Lunch don t appeal once I m feeling the flow

I ain t in the mood to break and spark up a bowl.

The sun rakes the blacktop till she wriggles and smokes -

if I don t stop soon, gonna burn my nose.

Crank it up!

Time s flyin by as I reel in the miles,

my front end s shakin s put my speedo on trial.

My pulse keeps a knockin past the redline zone,

this white knuckle day s done rattled my bones.

Crank it up!




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