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Good Charlotte - Break Her Heart



When you call she doesn't answer, when you write she doesn't answer

When you go out you see him with her, she told you she was sick at home

The ring you gave her thrown away with all the letters

When you see him wither her, he doesn't care at all

As he follows him around like you follow her around

He doesn't even care and your figuring it out

The only way your gonna keep somebody around

I'm about to let you know

There's something I don't understand

The only way a woman is gonna want a man

The only way ya'll ever keep her in your hands

Is breaking apart her heart

Don't tell her she is the reason that you live

Don't give her everything that you got to give

If you want to keep a girl for as long as you live

Just break apart her heart

Can't you see shes the way she's crying

Thats what keeps her trying, she knew she could have you

And he don't give her what she wants

There is truth about this, you say you want to be noticed

Well if you want to be noticed you gotta learn to break some hearts

Don't try to understand

Can't you see what you've done?

What I've become, what I've become

Can't you see?

I don't understand this cruelty

I don't understand but now I see

I don't understand...its just not me




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