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Guru - Talkin loud and frontin



He was talking all loud and he knew that he was frontin'

And he slept on his job so he didn't see us coming

Had to fall back, he didn't want no problems

It wouldn't be a nice thing to get involved in. (2X)

[Verse 1]

It's gifted, unlimited, rhymes universal

I get at you, I'm that dude, my style could you

GURU, the keeper of the gate, lead you to your faith

Righteously I stand with my heat around my waist

They said I couldn't do it, I suceed with ease

Others bleed over greed, I'm smoking trees overseas

Listen fucker, you don't want to tussle and muscle

You don't want to end up on the wrong side of my hustle

I could walk on any block in any continent

MAke MC's step their game up and fuck up their confidence

A true definition of a season vet

I ain't expose you, 'cause I ain't have a reason yet

ANd If I seem upset, or maybe even vexed

It's 'cause somebody owes me dought and yo I need my check

Still I'm a daring, dash it, tearing their dome

Said you was a gangsta, found out you was wearing a thong

- 2X

[Verse 2]

It's them loud-mouth cats that get you into trouble

Keep your nose clean, that way you could slowly bubble

I created a man and created supply

If I had a school, rappers coudln't wait to apply

I'm tremendously tight, when defending my right

I'll throw a combo, and then I'm ending the fight

The G U R U with SOlar on the track

Pop shit and run away and catch a hole in your back

The streets been mine and I ain't never left

I ain't never forfeit and I ain't never forget

The hallways, the alleyways, the cornerstore action

Straight gullyness, I generate pure attraction

New York talk without a pacid to walk

Better reach motherfucker, that's your last resort

I'm a daring, dash it, tearing their dome

Said you was a gangsta, found out you was wearing a thong

- 2X




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