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Harlem world - Not the kids



Uh, uh, uh, uh, what

Let's talk about it

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Ma, I told you, I'm not here to fuss or fight

But I see it, all you wanna do is cuss all night

In front of the kids, you tryin' to crush my life

Cause you know I ain't the type that punch my wife

But I see now, who you wanted to be

While knee-deep in the pee now, tryin' to freestyle

But I see now, people could see, that ain't me

When I bought you the E3, the crib in D.C.

On GP, bought the Mazda Z3

Bought your little brother the 52 inch TV

With a Play Station to stay patient

Cause right now it's all about the kid's situation


Please baby girl

Let's not fight

If you're really gonna be in my life

Let's work it out till we get it right

Please baby don't

Please don't cry

If you're really gonna be in my life

Let's work it out till we get it right

[Huddy Combs]

All Out, yo, yo, yo

Once mistake in my life, this chicken head claimin' she wife

Jammin' my phone, like damn, she won't leave me alone

Knew she was trife, the way she kept watchin' my ice

Watchin' my step, hittin' it on top of the steps

Knowin' she wild, the condoms, she havin' my child

Now that I'm stuck, she can't keep scratchin' my truck

Actin' all young, doing it in front of our son

Peeped it before, but didn't want to think she's a whore

Thinkin' it's good, fuckin' up her rep in the 'Hood

Fuckin' up mine, fuckin' niggas two at a time

But look at her now, Harlem World quicker to town

But look at my rhyme, better it didn't turn into crumb

And I'm Little Huddy must have made me calm

So I bowed down prayin' for my baby's mom

I'm a take a raise now that my baby's born

And I'm a love you anyway till the day you're gone, what



Now let me hear you say uh

Say uh huh

Let me hear you say uh

Say uh huh

Now let me hear you say uh

Say uh huh

Now let me hear you say

Uh uh uh uh na na na

[Baby Stase]

Yo, yo, yo

Yo, it's a holiday, sippin' on Sharanade

I'm wonderin' why these cats never celebrate Father's Day

Y'all tellin' in fear, y'all ain't really takin' y'all cares

And y'all mother fuckin' lie and say that y'all did

Now when days, the phrases, the tired old lines

She was messin' around and the baby ain't mine

But all y'all, knowin' y'all was sayin' it raw-dawg

Y'all wanna claim that? How y'all gonna explain that?

I'm bothered, y'all shouldn't have got me started

Where was you when shorty turned two?

Tell me what would you do if the baby caught the flu

You ain't even got a clue, if you do, tell me how to pursue

But you quick to get hyper, come mess up my cipher

No dough for no diapers, so why should I like ya?

And you never cared before, so why should we care that you now see 74?


Whoooa, whoooa, yeah

Whoooa, whoooa

We can work it out

Whoooa, whoooa

Whoooa, whoaaaa

Can we start over again?


Yeah, yeah, yeah




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