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Hell Razah & 4D - We can do that too f. trebag



[Intro: Hell Razah]

(Yeah, y-y-yeah, yeah)

(Yeah yeah, y-y-yeah yeah)

H E double L, raise 'em up, what?

(Yeah) Come on, know what I'm sayin?

(It's like the blind leading the blind)

Niggaz be walkin around with blind folds on

Thinkin it was all good, right?

They thought, thought we wasn't gon' continue on right?

But y'all niggaz fell asleep

[Hell Razah] + (Trebag)

When you thought it was the winter time it started to chill

(We keep it hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot)

A lot of cats stop bein hungry after they deal

Let's get money, we make it sweet

(Stop stop s-stop stop s-stop stop)

Ain't no comin up in Red Hook thinkin you ill

They try to come back to the neighborhood

(We got it locked locked l-locked locked l-locked locked)

Y'all can shine for these ho's wit cha diamonds and wheel

Tell y'all have a little fun right now)

(Until it drop drop d-drop drop d-drop drop)

[Hell Razah]

I stay street like a bodega

Razah be the alpha to ya omegas

Y'all gettin nosy like my old neighbors

Did he blow? Do he drive?

Talk about me every time I pass by

Sippin my wine with the fiery eyes

Armageddon movin close by

I toast to the only Most High

Here to stomp out egos and pride

Soon to blow like when worlds collide

Me and music be a groom and the bride

I catch niggaz when they real high

Walkin out they studio time

Ain't no comin out, I gotta choose tai

From hearin new rhymes, pack two nines

When I decide whoever that - givin bad rhymes

Those with double minds better choose sides

God amendment, my father house is mini-mansions

Price of life, it ain't worth gamblin or chancin

It ain't over 'til I bring my camp in

Cut ya heads off like the braids of Samson

(Yeah yeah y-yeah)

[Chorus: Hell Razah]

Y'all wanna blow in the first week?

We can do that too

Y'all wanna start your own label?

We can do that too

Y'all wanna drive bangin whips?

We can do that too

Y'all wanna open bank accounts?

We can do that too

Y'all wanna take up all the chicks?

We can do that too

Y'all wanna represent your hood?

We can do that too too too

[Hell Razah (Trebag)]

What the fuck you thought? I wasn't comin back with ghetto super

Niggaz changed cause they got a little ad in The Source

Play the game, fuck the fame, put yo brains in yo beef lo mein's

Scared niggaz better tuck in ya chains

Street cats turned industry now, just to be down

And still can't be heard if they signed with Loud

A lotta ho's when they in ya weed clouds, unbutton they blouse

Waitin to be the first draft pick out the crowd

It's just a circus cause y'all some fashobi clowns

You know damn well you owe and that you stole that crown

Your mindstate hold infinite rounds, surround sound

When I let off, ya grandmoms a getty get down

I kick shit that make a lyricist lounge sniff you out like a bloodhound

For comin up wit wack ass styles

Remember me like ya address

We're leavin you with holes in ya vest (BA BLAOW!)

And droppin bombs like I'm rollin with Flex




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