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Hellacopters - Like no other man



Since i left i´ve benn gone so long and i cant turn back

i dont miss what i never had or what i lack

hard to hit a shot from the hip hot steamin´ lead

i´m thru´ getting fucked and giving head

hellbound - gimme one more round

i cant take a stand - you know i´m damned

like no other man

i´m tired so sick and tired of breakin´ down

won´t be no one here to greet you when you come around

croosroads alleys and empty streets

burn my feet on the glow runnin´ from the heat

can´t turn around

burn my bridges down

road of empty cans

lost in a devil´s dance

cant find no rest keep on goin´ and set my pace

ain´t no such thing called home there ain´t no such place

i won´t com around won´t come around no more

you know as well as i the hole thing´s a bore




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