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Heltah Skeltah - Da wiggy



A nigga run shit like trackmeets, when black meets

In the back streets, my gat greets

Niggaz that don't recognize my rap sheet

The facts be, the Ruck rains like the weather

Cuz Rock makes cops throw glocks down like Heather

B., niggaz better be ahead of me

Trynna flow steadily, ain't even on my pedigree

That's my word to Jazz, niggaz is herbs

Cuz half of the time, half of they rhymes are absurd

I serve, justice, must this, be the answer

For my gun to click, terminal like cancer

And the answer, Ruck and Rock for a thou'

Now how the fuck did you come up with that style?

Sing songs with six-packs, that's when I smoke seven

Sacks of cess, make Ruck bust caps at the reverend

So chill chicken, before I choose to castize you

Battered and baptized, bitches and bums

With blood from black eyes, when I slap guys

Send that guy to Rockness Monsta

Stomp ya, split him in half, divide and conquer

I want ya

To test the irrational inflictor

Rock pounds the ground, while Ruck shakes the Richter

It's the Rock slide, I'm crushin' ya block by suprise

It be the Bummy Jab, and the fortune Fab 5

Bitch, ah, remarkable, like the Little Rascals

If I'm being polite, I'm schemin' like Eddie Haskall

Don't let me gat you, in half to, bring the wrath, too

Don't ask fool, sure, I'll sell you a new ass crack blew

And if you think a nigga's cocky, I dare any ten of you

To come and try and stop me, rock me

A champion soldier, "Folger", like coffee

Tell a wife ya mouth was in yo bitch, back up off me

Move on please, cuz sparks get ya done, might provoke

The cops or, choke ya pops, if we smoke alot

[Chorus 2X: Heltah Skeltah]

We don't give a what? Da wiggy, wiggy, wiggy, what?

Da wiggy, wiggy, wiggy, wiggy, wiggy --- what?

When I flow like the Nile river, that's when I deliver

Nuff slugs to ya chest, makin' ya whole body shiver

Niggaz wonder why the irrational God Ruck be slippin'

Like I was buried in Rettin with nines that be wettin'

Yo section, when niggaz step in my arena, bound to see ya

Nigga like Ruck, Buckshot's, and catch misdemeanor's

I'm similar to none son, that be my stee

So flee from ya fuckin' face, double jeopardy

All praise me, Rock, I move in hip hop

Fools'll get rocked, if I got the balls

To stand when I'm lickin' shots, if not, I got the bright red dots

Station, on top of the four-four, to blow ya fuckin' face in, Jason

Ain't half as scary as the derriere

Kicker, mister flipster, various to late

I hit ya, if you don't think I make ya block ache

The, next time I come through it'll be you Joe

That I break a, snake a, pigskin in the wind

Chant my Boot Camp name, and Rock must defend

Burn the bitch ass with ten nails, in my military jail

Make all that diesel shit you poppin' turn frail

What, like I can, I pumps lead into yo body, punk

Or a punk pellet, too, I got my pump shotty

Why these cats always askin', for shit them not want

The jokes you bump, is crippled for months, and don't front

Fuckin' punk ---

[Chorus 2X]




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