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Jay-z & R. Kelly - Don't let me die



Ohhh, ohh, oh, oh, oooooh

(Dear God, bring our P.O.W.'s home)

Ohhh, ohh, oh, oh, oooooh

(And bring our brothers on lockdown, home - amen)

[R. Kelly]

Whoa-oh-oh ya-ya-yah

Whoa-oh-oh ya-ya-ya-ya!


[Chorus: Jay-Z w/ the R. Kelly above repeating in background]

He's a nigga from the back block

on everybody laptop who used to slang crack rock

HOV'! And this nigga from the Chi'

Who hold a note like the guy who said the British is comin

My nigga Kels! Oh yeah the niggaz is comin

Get out your good dishes or somethin like it's Thanksgiving nigga

It's HOV'! And none other than the R

And without further adieu, like Freddie get ready it's

[R. Kelly]

Whatever happen Lord, don't send me back

And whenever I did wrong it was your name I cried

I heard you forgave over and over again

But when I found that out I became immune to my sins

Lay wide awake in the middle of my sleep

"I see dead people," and sometimes it's me Lord

I never wanted to be a Thugfather

I only wanted to be a son of a father

RAHH, that's how it sounds, it's sad

Worse than the war in Iraq when it's me against I

I gave up the weed and somehow I'm still high

Three years, still seein the weed in my eyes Lord

Sometimes I don't know what you want from me

But I do know you know what I want from you

GIVE IT TO ME! C'mon, take away this Hennessy

Take away me runnin the street

Stop people from HATIN me, take away all of this jealousy

And prejudicy

Thought you said it was a better place

I grew up around pimps, hustlers hoes and project gang-sters

Hard to BELIEVE in what I can't see

I gotta get this money and feed my family

Whatever guillotine guides my life

Dear Lord, don't let me die tonight

But if I shall before I wake what shall I say?

It's been a good run from hoodlum to Island estates

How could one, make such foul mistakes

and still be allowed to have a smile on my face?

Hell, whatever the case, I'm glad it wasn't murder

in a town you never hearda from a nickel-plated burner

Now my life's straight like a perm

Try to take the spot I earned muh'fucker better learn

It's HOV'!

- reverse Hov and Kels

[R. Kelly]

Hey boy hear me out, got a few mo' things to say

These niggaz be chasin me like everyday

C'mere - NO! My life on crutches, devils say

I'll never walk again, but the devil is a liar

cause I believe within, you're the reason that I'm still here

Even though I don't act like it

Even though I hear my calling and fight it

Fools do me so wrong, it's hard to stay righteous

If pimping was a mountain to heaven, I'd hike it

Believe me Lord, I want you

Got money and fame, and still it just won't do

Sometimes I don't like who I am

When I look in the mirror my reflection is Uncle Sam

And every night I have these weird dreams

That a creature's right beside me - wake up and can't breathe

I feel like it's twenty of me

Goin 20 different directions on a one-way street Lord

I got houses, money and cars and that

Everything single superstar I, got the whole music industry sewed

But it still don't matter, when I'm gone and my casket closed, go!

Whatever guillotine guides my life

Dear Lord, don't let me die tonight

But if I shall before I wake I'd accept my fate

I did what I did my heart was in the right place

I did so I could live to put food on my plate

You musta loved me not to let it end by 3 that day

Well, whatever the case, I'm glad it wasn't murder

in a town you never hearda from a nickel-plated burner

I guess I'm not finished with my journey

Please forgive me for my sins, shit I'm still trying to learn

Meet HOV'!

- reverse Hov and Kels

[gospel singing]

[R. Kelly]

Wrap your arms around us God

Let there be peace, and no more war

And bring our soldiers home, let us pray

[hey hey hey ad libs, over gunfire, to fade]




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