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Jermaine dupri - Rock with me



Uh-huh-uh East coast (yeah)

Uh-uh-uh-huh-uh West coast (Uh-huh-uhhh)

Down in the dirty (where?)

Dirty dirty (aha ha)



(Rock with me)

Put ya hands up in the air so

(I can see)

That you feel it and never could get a

(Another JD)

How I put it down it makes you wanna

(Rock with me all night long)

(Rock with me)

Put ya hands up in the air so

(I can see)

That you feel it and never could get a

(Another JD)

How I rep the A town it makes ya

(Rock with me all night long)

(Verse 1)

Well it started off on the avenue

When I came up with the name called the So Def crew

It was me, my big homie Eddie

Up late making tapes, putting them out on the streets

I used to rap scratch even try to sing

Now I'm the little cat pumping out the steam

I used to play with it, now I stay with it, Lay with it

And huh keep pumping out hits

Cause can't nobody do it like we does

This side, that side I gets nothing but love

And I keep it pumping up in the club

Big with all the pimps, the hustlas, ladies and thugs

That respect that knock, when they hear that knock

Y'all niggas think I'm gon stop (Please!)

Y'all won't see me on behind the scenes

But you can catch me at a money machine, Ching Ching


(Verse 2)

Kris Kross was the begining of the linen and cars

Houses, hidden clubs, shutting down the bars

I was only 19 doing big big things

In the CP living the American dream

Then I signed Xscape, first album 1.8 (million)

New company, my shit looked great

But uh, me being the player that I am I couldn't stop

I just had to find me something else to take to the top

Something fly that'll catch your eye

Thats when I bumped into my little sister from the West side of Chi

Demo after demo we made

Got so funkdafied now we paid

Rap or R&B we ain't playing

We demand y'all respect this afroman

As the game gets bigger, and my dough gets longer

And me and my crew get stronger

The more you wanna


(Verse 3)

In every flight there's turbulance and I had some

But I remained focused and kept dropping the bomb

'What should I do next?' that was going through my head

Then Candy introduced me to a Jagged Edge

Three homies from the Dec, one from right around the corner

We went in, came out, now everybody on 'em

Three albums later, everyboby on 'em

Ain't a city you can go where the girls don't want 'em

Once again I was thinking 'whats next for me?'

Then I got a big call from my homie Steve

He said Hey, let throw something your way

It was none other than my brother they comparing to MJ

Girls can't stop screaming, three mill now

Everybody love him and his name is Bow Wow

As the game gets bigger, and my dough gets longer

And me and my crew get stronger

The more you wanna


See I've been doing what I'm doing for like 10 years man

Putting out fire man

You might remember Sometimes Leather, Monica,(aha ha)

Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, TLC, Usher, MC Lyte

Man you name it man, I got the hits playboy

Dru Hill, Da Brat, Xscape, Jagged Edge, (ha ha)

Kris Kross, Destiny's Child, and my little homeboy Bow Wow




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