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Jesse mcCartney - Turn it up



Let me introduce myself

For those a y'all who don't know

It was me who kicked down

The door back in 2004

Thought that you knew me

When I was bringin' "Beautiful Soul"

That was a preview

Let me shoot you the first episode

Make ups and break ups, yeah

I fell in and out of love

Wrote it all down for you

Just to look it up

21 years, hoppin' in and out of clubs

What would you do in my shoes?

You'd be livin' it up

But don't get it twisted, yeah

There's a piece that you've never seen

Tryin' to keep the shit

From effecting my whole family

Caught in the middle

With a friend who's an enemy

I do what I can

'Cause in the end

I'm where I wanna be

Don't need to talk about it

Just let the record play

Hate it or love it?

It don't matter

'Cause I'm here to stay

Ladies get your a** up

Give it a little shake

And fellas throw your hands up(3x)

(Now turn it) up(3x)

(Now put your hands) up(3x)

(Now put your a**) up(3x)

(Now turn it) up(3x)




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