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Jin - Love story f. aja smith



It's from the heart..

It's from the heart right here.. (yeah)

Everybody has a story to tell..

Check this out though

[Verse One]

I knew this chinese dude in Junior High

part of my crew, everybody knew the kid

he was the talk of the school, intelligent

and well spoken, respected by teachers

all the other students kept their eyes on his sneakers

What can I say? You can tell he's cool if you talk with him

during fire drills girls would wanna walk with him

he could have any chick up in his view

but there was only one girl he wanted to call boo

See its all true, found himself stressed in a dead end

the girl he was feelin was obsessed with his bestfriend

his bestfriends a playa, thats the reason he's pissed

plus he treat her like she don't even exist

he ain't tryna hate on his man, but there was no help in it

wrote the girl a letter told her how he felt in it

she was shocked at first of him revealing the truth

till she realized that she was feelin him too

[Chorus: Aja Smith]


I've been thinking of you


I've been thinking of you


I've been thinking of you


I've been thinking of you

and you've been thinkin of me



So you know as time goes by

Things get a little bit serious

Just listen

[Verse Two]

It was strictly hip hop, now they bumpin slow jams all day

went from holding hands, to makin out in the hallway

Their relationship, seemed like a dream come true

as time went by their friendship grew

staring at the stars, trading secrets on the phone

when her parents were at work, she would sneak him in her room

he told her he was a virgin the day that they met

so on his birthday he got a gift he'll never forget

females were jealous, but they still calling him cute

first day of summer school, they rocked the matching nautica suits

happy in each others arms, can it be

they found true love, living in a fantasy

then reality attacks, his pops couldn't see past the fact

his son was asian, but his girlfriend was black

imagine having to choose between the one that you love or your fam

thats like cutting off your right or left hand, damn

Uh huh, yeah

I know this sounds like a true story

coulda happened to any one of us

it's crazy though right?

[Verse Three]

Now if this sounds like a true story

that's probably cause it is

and I know for a fact cause I'm that chinese kid

mm, lookin back now, I know its more than just a crush

I'm sayin the whole expierience taught me so much

love can overcome anything that gets in its way

thats reason I still think of shorty 'til this day

we talk now and then, she's doin her thing

we both full grown up, I think she rockin a ring

I know she's proud of me and all the things I've accomplished

She was there when I was nobody, that's being honest

Ain't no shame, I'll admit it she was there when I cried

So in return I wipe the tears from her eyes

As far as my pops, he's a little more open minded

If his son is happy, hes 100% behind it

Now this is a song I know I had to do

Cause all the stuff I went through might have happened to you


Uh, yeah

Everybody remembers their first love

You only get one

So you gotta remember



I just want you to know

that Jin's still thinkin about you




Poiščete lahko tudi vsa besedila izvajalca Jin, ali pa se vrnete na prvo stran iskanika besedil, kjer si lahko pomagate tudi z značkami besedil in tako poiščete še kakšno drugo besedilo.

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