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Joan Osborne - Spider web



I dreamed about Ray Charles last night

And he could see just fine

Dreamed about Ray Charles last night

And he could see just fine, you know

I asked him for a lullaby

He said, "Honey, I don't sing no more"

No more, no more, no more

Ray don't sing no more

He said, "Since I got my eyesight back,

my voice has just deserted me.

No 'Georgia On My Mind' no more...

I stay in bed with MTV."

Then Ray took his glasses off

And I could look inside his head

Flashing like a thunderstorm

I saw a shining spider web

Spider web (repeat 3x)

In Ray Charles' head

I dreamed about Ray Charles last night

He took me flying in the air

Showed my own spider webs

Said, "Honey, you had best take care.

The world is made of spider webs

The threads are stuck to me and you

Be careful what you're wishing for

'Cause when you gain you just might lose"

You just might lose your...

Spider web (repeat 3x)

What Ray Charles said

When you're feelin' lonely

When you're hidin' in your bed

Don't forget your string of pearls

Don't forget your spider web

When I go to sleep tonight

Don't let me dream of brother Ray

No, no, no, don't...

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he sees

Just like him best the other way

Spider web (repeat 3x)

What Ray Charles said...

In Ray Charles head

All I got's my spider web

Keepin' me alive

C'mon Ray




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