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Katy Perry - Mannequin



How do I get

Closer to you

When you keep

It all on mute

How do I know

The right way

To love you

Usually the queens

Are figurin out

Beating down the man

Is no work out

But I have no clue

How to get

Through to you

I wanna hit you

Just to see

If you cry

Keep holdin on

Hopin there's

A real boy inside

But you're not a man

You're just a mannequin

I wish you could feel

That my love is real

But you're not a man

I wish

I could just

Turn you on

But a battery in

And make you talk

Even pull

A string for you

To say anything

But with you

There is no guarantee

Only expired warranty

A bunch

Of broken parts

But I can't seem

To find your heart

I'm such a fool

I'm such a fool

I'm such a fool

Cause this one's

Outta my hands

I can't put you

Back together again

Cause you're not a man

You're just a Mannequin

I wish you could feel

That my love is real

You're just a, a toy

Could you ever be

A real, real boy

And understand

But you're not a man

Oh understand

That you're not a man




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