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Keith Anderson - Xxl



Well Momma was exhausted after she had me,

it took two nurses to hold me, one nurse to slap me.

Doctor turned to momma and shook his head,

whiped the sweat off his brow, and then he said ,

"This boy is way off the charts, as far as I can tell,

ooo bpppp momma he's a double X L!"

By second grade I was 5' 2"!

By fifth grade I was wearing a size 12 shoe!

In eighth grade I was shopping at the, Big and Tall,

and the coaches had me playing High School football.

Uncle Roy said "Boy you'll make the NFL!

ooo bbppp son, you're a double XL!"

Double XL, Double XL!

Dont call me on the phone just ring my dinner bell.

Double XL Double XL!

Im a lean, mean, love machine that likes to be held,

ooo bbbppp baby Im a double XL!

Here we go!

Country cuties in Texas,

string bikinis in Florida,

Barbie Dolls driving Lexus, out in California.

A skinny little pretty boy aint what they wanna hold,

they want a real man with meat on his bones!

I'll yank their Yankees, ring their Southern Belles,

they say "ooo bbbppp we love a double XL!"


Double XL solo!

Well double XL double XL

Dont call me on the phone just ring my dinner bell!

Double XL, double XL!

Im a lean mean love machine that likes to be held,

ooo bppp baby Im a double XL!

Well if you ahve any doubts

you can see for yourself,

why all the girls love a double XL

ooo bppp yeah Im a double XL!


Oh boy!

Triple XL too




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