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Lauryn Hill - The sweetest thing



Lyrics Transcribed by Leonie's Team Member - Ghettofabulous98

Uh, uh, the unexpected, uh

Multidimensional, am I lazier?

Sounds of the Refugee All Stars, yeah

The sweetest thing I've ever known

Was like the kiss on the collarbone

The soft caress of happiness

The way you walk, your style of dress

I wish I didn't get so weak

Oh, oh, ooh baby just to hear you speak

Makes me argue just to see

How much you're in love with me

See like a queen, a queen upon her throne

It was the sweet, sweet, the sweetest thing I've known

It was the sweet, (sweet) sweetest thing I've known

I get mad when you walk away

(Don't walk away from me)

So I tell you leave when I mean stay

Warm as the sun dipped in black

Fingertips on the small of my back

More valuable than all I own

Like your precious, precious, precious, precious, precious, precious baby dark skin tone

It was the sweet, sweet, sweetest thing I've known

It was the, oh

I tried to explain (I can't explain)

(I can't explain it)

Oh, but baby it's in vain

Speaking on my mother's phone

The touching makes me think I'm grown

(You ain't grown)

Sweet prince of the ghetto

(Sweet prince of the ghetto)

Your kisses taste like Almoretto

Intoxicating (intoxicating) oh so intoxicating (intoxicating)

How sad (it's so sad) how sad that (so sad) all things come to an end, ho

But then again I'm, I'm not alone

It was the sweet, sweetest thing I've known

(Know what I mean)

It was the sweet, sweetest thing I've known

I sometimes watch you in your sleep, yeah

Oh excuse me if I get to deep, hey

(Know what I mean)

It was the sweet (the sweet) the sweetest thing I've known




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