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Leaf-fat - Unfortunate event on its way to nothing (infinity)



Waiting for the master’s shotgun to blow us into nothing.

Into nothing we’re blown. go!

Shades of black,

Ornament of our existence

Burn the noise just to be deaf inside

Shades of blades

Monolithic statues of our miserable,

Robotic lives

You say: “break the routine!”

I swallow my last cup of sorrow

Did i break it? did i break it? did i?

Into eternity we fall

We gave the beast our bones

The monster we’ve created – we are one!

Blow us into nothing! we are one!

Suckers crawling through the mud,

Frantic helicopters ‘n’ cameras above

Waiting for the final flood

Wash us into nothing

So would you be so kind and wash us into nothing?

Nothing! wash me!

Will you be so kind and blow us into nothing!

Into ashes we fall

Left without an answer – we are one!




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