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Lenny Kravitz - Be



Lord what's the matter

Am I lost

This life's a disaster, what is the cause

Am I a junkie, what is my fate

Or am I a flunkie who doesn't relate

Or am I a child so full of hate

Am I a doctor or even a priest

Or am I a rapist who needs a release

A psychotic prancer

Times Square dancer

The mind can see as long as you'll be

For real with yourself

And you'll forever be

Lord what's the matter am I insane

This life's an illusion that's all it remains

Are you listening, are you boss

Am I gonna make it up on that cross

Believe in Your name and

You'll forever be




Poiščete lahko tudi vsa besedila izvajalca Lenny Kravitz, ali pa se vrnete na prvo stran iskanika besedil, kjer si lahko pomagate tudi z značkami besedil in tako poiščete še kakšno drugo besedilo.

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