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Lynyrd Skynyrd - Ain't no good life



Ain't no good life

Not the one that I lead

'Cause the more I fight the sadness, yeah

It only seems the more that I grieve

Well I look back on the good times

As some lost part of me

I wanna know, tell me why is it so

Well just because I don't pray

Lord, that don't mean I ain't forgiven

Just 'cause I'm alive

That don't mean I'm makin' a livin'

I'm gonna get myself together

I'm gonna try a dyin' attempt

Talkin' about the good times slippin' by

Yeah I tell ya

I don't even know where last month went

Well I can't make no money baby

Well 'cause my money's already spent

And I know where it went

I said it went on that damn rent

Well I don't mean change, baby

I mean foldin' money

Well I want lovin', said I don't need a buddy

I don't need nobody, now

Ain't exactly my idea

Its sort of old, borrowed and blue

Just tryin' to say

Don't try that straight life buddy

Oh you'll find it kind of hard on you

Women, don't try to cook nothin' up, ooh

Brother you know you'll only wind up in your own stew




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