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Machine Head - I'm your god now



So pain told you to take her

Well I learned to accept that feeling

'Cause I found how to numb it

If only for just a short while

I'd get so high, I'd forget my own name

I scarred my fist, I scarred my brain

I think that i'm going insane

I think that I'm going insane

So Drink up, so shoot in

Why must this feeling end

I crawled in my narcotic shell

Was crucified in my own hell

A gutter's where I found myself

Among the waste I chose to dwell

I chose to dwell

So now I'm in your system

And I'm what helps you numb your pain

With time you will confide in me

So lonely my friend, I've made you lose control

You'll use me more and more with time

Our friendship grows with each mainline

So glad that you could be so blind

So glad that you could be so blind

So drink up, so shoot in

'Cause I'll make this feeling end

I built you this narcotic shell

I crucifies you in your hell

Your life not yours, you're just my slave

I am your messiah of pain

And time has come to

Time has come to, time has come to

There is no time to pray

'Cause I'm your God now




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