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McFly - That girl




Went out with the guys and before my eyes,

There was this girl she looked so fine.

And she blew my mind,

And I wished that she was mine,

And I said hey wait up cos im off to speak to her.

And my friends said

you're never gonna get her, your never gonna get that girl etc...

But I didn't care

Cos I loved her long blonde hair

Love was in the air

And she looked at me

And the rest is history

Dude you're being silly cos you're never gonna get that girl

And you're never gonna get the girl

We spoke for hours

(She)Took off my trousers

(spent) Spent the day laughing in the sun

And we had fun

And my friends they all looked stunned

Dude shes amazing and i cant belive you got that girl

And my friends said

She's Amazin etc...

It gave me more street cred

I dug the books she read

How can i forget

That she rocks my world

She's amazing and i can't belive you got that girl

More than any other girl

Dude she's amazing and i can't belive you got that girl

And i can't belive you got the girl

She looked incredible

Just turned 17

I guess my friends were right, she's out of my league

So what am I to do?

She's too good to be true


But three days later

Went round to see her

And she was with another guy

And i said fine

But i never aked her why?

And since then loneliness has

Been a friend of mine

And my friends said such a pity etc...

I let her slip away

They tell me everyday

That i will be ok

Coz she rocks my world

More than any other girl

Dude it's such a pity and i'm sorry that

You lost that girl

and im sorry that you lost the girl.




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