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Mike Jones - I just wanna love you baby f. ashanti



[Intro Mike Jones w/ Ashanti (Ad Libs)]

Mike Jones (Who)

Mike Jones (Who)

Mike Jones

For the ladies baby… Mike Jones ( I wanna love you baby)

(Ohhhh Baby)Ballin Underground in stores

[Chorus- Ashanti]

Can you rock wit me

Non stop with me

Can you take it to the top with me

I just wanna love you baby

Always thinking of you baby

Can you roll with me all over me

Can you take control of me

I just wanna love you baby

Always thinking of you baby

[Verse 1]

Girl you fine, amazing body stuck on my mind

You body smoother than wine, my mission to make you mind

I can't sleep, I can't eat without you up in my world

I want you and just you fuck all them other girls

I've been patiently waiting for your man to slip up

So I can flip up to your crib and tare them hips up

Girl Pick up your phone and call Mike Jones

And I promise you good sex and late night moans

As I roam to your home the only thang on my mind

Is how I'm going to tare that ass up from behind

But untill I get there keep the pussy more wet

I brought so don perron, cristal, and moet'

And Latex for more sex, cause it's about to go down

I really love the way you scream while I'm knocking you down

Baby turn on the fire place and light up the candles

Cause Mike Jones about to give you something you can't handle

If you wanna get dicked down let me know now

Cause in that ass I get down like "James Brown"

I'm Mike Jones (Who), Mike Jones Jones

That will come when you call and fuck up yo walls

Cause I spit game good and dick down dames good

I know you heard my name in your neck of the woods

But tonight I want you to close your eyes

And picture my size inside your insides

And I hope you don't mind me dirty talking while we fucking

And me grabbing on yo head while you down low sucking

Boo I hope you don't mind cause that's what I do

And if you bout it bout it lil momma then come on through

I want you and just you I don't need your friends

I wanna hit it from the morning till the daylight ends

Then we can hop in the shower

And let the rain hit your back while I hit it for an hour

I'm high as a tower, cause your sex great

But I had to dick you down just to set the record straight

About Mike Jones, and how my love is so strong

You ain't fucking with a minute man cause I go so long

I don't brag on my penis I let you do that

You might call me a genuis after I run through that

Yeah I just wanna love you baby...Mike Jones Jones

[Chorusx2 w/ Ashanti Ad Libs]




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