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Missy Elliott - Time and time again



The things you said to me

Can't make or break me

Everything you've bought I give back

absolutely everything

And, I am through with you

You and your crazy moods

You be trippin' and slippin' and givin' attitudes

I deserve the finer things

The joy that love brings

And you'll be missin' my kisses'

And makin' love, see

I'm better off alone

Can't wait 'til you get gone

Ain't no need to keep hoping 'cause it's over and done

[Hook-2 Times]

Why do you keep coming back time and time again?

You promised me you'd change your ways time and time again

I heard the same ol' lyin from you time and time again

And why I take you back? because I cannot change a man

No use in talkin', better get to walkin'

Better get them chicks who turn tricks

'Cause I'm just too smart, man

I hate men who lies who looks me in my eyes

Come up with alibis for the thousandth time

I won't take bullsh**

Leave ya ass with the quickness

Because I'm stable and able to live my life alone

Boy I'm through with you

No more to say or do

'Cause you're too confused

And it's over and done

[Hook-2 Times]

I be comin' with a rap on a ballad

You should vote Misdemeanor on your ballots

'Cause you know I blow ya mind anytime that I rhyme

And I be down for a challenge

I'm wicked I-C-K icked

And I twist a twisted

From coast to coast I brag and boast

I'm better than most insufficient

I got that good love

That goody goody good love

That poody poody pusha

Slick talkin' sista to any nigga that wanna get with her

Don't ever diss her M dot S E

And let me stop playin' with y'all motha f***as

This aint no rap record get back to the hook




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