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Modern Talking - Good Girl Go To Heave- Bad Girl Go To Everywhere



Good girls go to heaven

Good girls go to heaven

Maybe when the night will fall

Baby, loneliness will call

Oh, call me, please call me

Oh your dreams will never lie

Just behind a painted smile

Just call me, please call me

I try

With you will the rainbow dry

My heart is still alive

I have a rainbow in my eyes

Good girls go to heaven

Bad girls go everywhere

Good girls go to heaven

Bad girls are here and there

Just come feel my love inside

Call me when you're sad

There's no love to hide

What you see is what you get


Oh I make your dreams come true

For a tango it takes two

Oh call me, please call me

I'm a prisoner of your heart

007 in the dark

Just call me, please call me

A man, a child, oh in my eyes

I'm hating all these lies

A rainbow is still alive




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