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Monie Love - Sex you all



[Verse 1]

Some bitch called my house this morning

Telling me she was giving me a warning

That I was with her man point blank

She suggested I step or get spanked

But I don't know what is the scenario

As far as I know he was not a gigolo

She called back said her posse was fat

Said they'd beat my ass down with baseball bat

Now first of all how'd she get my number

I don't know but Imo kick her ass way down under

I said you and your posse can all eat shit

And when I kick it to my uncle then we'll see about it

So picture this my friend withbinoculars

When I find out who you are I'll be knocking ya

Upside your hand 'til you're dead 'cause I'm fed

And every time I think about you my eyes go red


What should I do? Get sexual (repeat 7x)

Marley Marl what should I do? Get sexual

I stepped onward withthis story

Tried to figure out who's that hooker that called me

Took time out to assess possibillities

Wondering who in the hell wanna get withme

Called my man up he just said yo

Hookers are scheming don't pay it no mind

You know 'mo 'mo leave it behind

Easy 4 you 'cause they ain't calling all the time

I said check this if you know them

Tell 'em to rest or Imo puncture their colon

'Cause they don't know me and should not test me

Ignorance will get your ass busted up see

I know you know them so don't even feel it

You can get out too I damn sure mean it

I'll just flip and trip to plex you all

The type of stuff I be kickin' is sexual


What should I do? Get sexual (repeat 3x)

Marley Marl what should I do? Get sexual

What should I do? Get sexual (repeat 4x)

Hooker called my house again

Sayin' that her man was talking to her friend

Her man my man both one and the same

Pretty lame is the game he was playing on our brain

Well me is my so bitch don't try

I kissed his sorry black ass goodbye

Your name is not on my friendship list

Your telephone calls I will not miss

So step up quick to this hip chick

Just shut your lips watch me get slick

Or even butter sharp like a box cutter

Those who get withme could get any dumber

I'm the daughter of a sister now the mother of a daughter

Come along come along if you wanna get slaughtered

Imo chop you up real nice tonight

And you know sex you all means doing it right


What should I do? Get sexual (repeat 7x)

Marley Marl what should I do? Get sexual




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