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Montgomery Gentry - I ain't got it all that bad



I ain't got it all that bad

There's tougher lives I might've had

Sometimes I live hand to mouth

But there are those that go without

Might be things I wish I had

But when I look at where I'm at

I ain't got it all that bad

In my time I've tried it all

Free love, drugs and alchohol

Got loaded up to kiss the sky

Just about kissed the world good-bye

There were those who never made it back

Me, I got lucky, found a landing pad

Hey, I ain't got it all that bad

I've got the sunshine and a few good friends I've found

A roof to give me shelter when the rain comes down

I've got tomorrow and the promise that it brings

A few chances still worth taking and a dream that still has wings

These days I don't ask for much

Just the grace of God and my woman's touch

Strength each day to face a fight

And a place in someone's prayers at night

Life enough to love and laugh

If I end up with half of that

I ain't got it all that bad

I ain't got it all that bad

I ain't got it all that bad




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